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Leading Provider of

Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • 10 E. Park Avenue | Kiel, WI 53042
  • 1-800-877-8913
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Leading Provider of

Sheet Metal Fabrication


Yaskawa - Enclosure Manufacturing

Lean Manager

“Partnering with HUI makes economic sense: because sheet metal fabrication is a core competency for HUI, engineers know exactly how to design a cabinet for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing – and by partnering with HUI, our team can focus on other priorities.”

Production Manager 

“HUI committed to 2 weeks or less lead time for this project and agreed to paint our color daily. Our delivery time to our customer is back on track. They really helped us out a lot on this project. I’m sending my new projects to HUI and moving existing work to them as well.”

Enclosure Manufacturing - Rockwell Double Bay

Rockwell Automation 

“HUI approached us and asked if we would be willing to listen to price reduction/design ideas on our cabinets. We were facing increasing price and delivery pressures from our customers. Quick turn revisions.”

Arcade Game Manufacturing

VP Corporate Services

“Assembly time has been dramatically reduced compared to the SkeeBall version. We have install down to approximately 1.5 hours (6 man hours). The logical ordering and stacking of panels on the pallets is a huge help and construction is solid.”

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